Friday, January 13, 2012

don't make the cars start driving themselves

people, fish, oxygen-deprived citrus fruits of the world:

there are simpler ways to solve your problems than attaching beep beep beep mechanisms to everything that moves. and no, i do not need flashing lights. maybe a nice root vegetable or two? turnip and a dashboard clock. makes about as much sense as a sonic death ray that's supposed to kill you before you slam into the next parked car.

just stop trying to do what the other people are doing. yes, there's this nice line of four-wheeled objects squirmed as close as possible to the curb, but that means very little. it does not mean you are obligated, invited, recommended, or even permitted to flatten the vanillaberry milkshakes others have been carefully cooling by the roadside.

because what good is desert without a show?

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