Wednesday, March 09, 2011

not like grapes

here is an object. it is a small object about the size and weight of a stone that you might find on your lawn. that is, if you live in one of those places where your lawn is made up entirely of stones, or one of the places where stones are simply things that frequently pop into place between clumps of dying grass.

you have this object and you do not know exactly what it might be, however you feel that it was a gift. it's not a gift from anyone you know, but you have this sense that you can't really get rid of it without bothering the person who gave it. you decide to keep the gift, probably in a drawer or box that stores things with minor sentimental value or occasional utility.

if, later in life, you meet the gift giver, will you show them the object, or is it best not to mention the gift at all? or, when it comes to that chance meeting, would you remember the object was ever a gift?

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