Thursday, January 20, 2011

secrets of the universe continue to topple

the world's most important skill is not, as some might argue, the ability to operate the machinery of the internet age. for one skill to be regarded as more important than others, it must be both cross-industry and timeless. nothing is more harmed by the progress of time than that ability that is medium-specific, as innovation just refuses to halt.

to be brief, the crucial skill is and remains a facility with proper color selection. no matter how artificial or ephemeral our experiences become in this wide-open millenium, we remain visual creatures. ocular stimuli wave at us from behind a variety of trees, and we are most impressed by a color palette that is simple and evocative.

of course, once the bunkers have been raised and our lives revolve around basement dwelling and canned fruit, different skills will come to the fore. until then, whether it's picking an outfit or selling a film, you better pick your colors.

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