Monday, September 27, 2010

one cannot replace another

there's a different quality in the air as summer makes its last exertions and the pressing urges of fall arrive. i took the garbage out with a sense of surprising contentment at the intersections between these seasons. the humidity, damp of fallen rain, and general temperature were such that i found myself almost exactly situated between these two seemingly incompatible seasons. compromise is here. let's work it out, folks.


SJ said...

Your writing is coming along very nicely :)

mj said...

hey, you didn't do the songwriting challenge! do you need a personal invite? no, really, do you?

seth said...

I am just a little behind on things. It pains me to have missed it. I was already working on preliminary ideas back in august but that was at me parents house without me trusty half-broken fruit laptop. I don't know what I didn't just shout into the unbroken piece of junk that I drag around on my travels.