Monday, January 26, 2009

that cost good money

i was talking with some friends last night, and the subject of dreams came up. naturally, i had a particularly vivid and unnecessarily scary dream afterwards. i had a bunch of these tiny pet animals, sort of like toys but actually living, that i was struggling to help back to full health. the weird thing was that a few of them were scary, like lions and stuff. one was some sort of lizard, which, when it regained its health, started breathing fire and destroying an elaborate cardboard city i had constructed. so essentially, my dream was some freaky variation on a computer game that i was never good at, and it was really freaking me out while i was having the dream. so, in case you were wondering, when your cute pet lizardy thing is still half dead, you have to keep in mind that it will soon be breathing fire again once it's healthy.

i also had some sort of dream about fixing the fake sausage i bought last week, which is the first time i can recall being successfully vegetarian in a dream. usually, when i have had dreams where i'm conscious of my dietary preferences, it's been because i've mistakenly eaten meat. then i wake up and eventually figure out that it never happened, which is always a relief. i don't think i've had that type of dream in a while.

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