Thursday, October 16, 2008

running on not very much

i am on vacation. this particular vacation means hanging out with the people i would normally hang out with if i had never moved two point five years ago. it also means sleeping in. hopefully, it does not involve overmuch concern that my company will decide to stop letting me be an active part of our web marketing efforts.

today's (complete) menu:

one (1) vanilla soy drink

two (2) almonds

small amount of granola

half (1/2) of an imported chocolate bar with nuts and raisins

one (1) grilled veggie burrito

one (1) side of chips with salsa

one (1) cranberry something and corn syrup drink

one (1) serving of lasagna with meat that i carefully removed

i'm hoping for pancakes tomorrow.

1 comment:

mj said...

hey, are you in dc? maybe you should call me. or vice versa. or maybe you should call abz, b/c i think she might be more entertaining than i am.