Wednesday, August 27, 2008

don't think too much

one of the more amusing things about the passing of time is the sudden discovery that you can honestly say things like 'i've had that for something like 10 years,' or 'we've been doing this trip for twenty years.' the family/church camping trip has gone on so long that i can hardly remember it not being an entity. i've gone from one of the proud few who'd been to them all to missing it due to geographic impossibility, on into skipping because college seemed more exciting, and back and forth between wanting to have my own life and desperate to get outside and do something tough. it's not just a camping trip, it's also an annual hike that i'm certain will be more difficult this year than most. of course, i could be wrong about that, but i'm probably under-fueled and certainly in sub-optimal shape. i did find the high-tech hat i bought last year, so at least i've got the equipment down. weather remains a concern, so there's a distinct possibility something not completely difficult will be substituted as a practical measure.

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