Friday, June 06, 2008

who decides these things?

i haven't paid a whole ton of attention to new music lately, but i'm mildly annoyed that jennifer o'connor (new record out in aug, btw) is touring with some 'jamie lidell' who apparently is a big draw. why can't obscure-but-amazing artists tour with other underappreciated talents, so that people who pay no attention to the touring schedules of some of their favorite acts can buy tickets at the last minute?



mj said...

have you heard about the little tour thievery corp is doing with several like-minded bands? It sounded like a total seth concert (or at least three-years-ago-seth concert). federico aubele's gonna be with them and i know tv on the radio is playing at the one in DC. there's a good chance the other people are good too--i just do't know them yet. i am contemplating going but it's at one of those large venues where you gotta shell out the bucks for a good vantage point and stuff and i haven't been to one of those in a loooong time.

seth said...

those concerts are very expensive...maybe the dc one is cheaper. i would have a hard time taking a date. expensive tickets can scare girls off sometimes.