Thursday, November 15, 2007

in form of apology

there's a reason there were no songs of the week the past couple weeks. two reasons. first, i haven't loaded anything new onto the portable device. thus, no new music, no new songs, no variety, little chance for something excitingly fresh to strike my fancy. i think nothing really deserved to be on there. i also went on vacation to a country where they put up with a lot of surprisingly bad pizza. they really don't have to. i suppose we don't either.

stick up for yourselves! insist on better pizza.


AOBrien said...

I ALWAYS insist on better pizza. Ps. I have never seen someone find so much fascination in lunchtime snacking or ill-fitting shoes. Parabens.

seth said...

there's really no theme here, so you never know what i'll decide to write about