Wednesday, July 18, 2007

some thoughts

dear oil companies:

you may use as much petroleum as you wish to make rubber soles for shoes. i do not like the leather kind much. i really like shoes.

dear space explorers:

at least two things about your profession are a disappointment to the kid in all of us. firstly, there doesn't seem to be a fantastically speedy way to get to the nearest star. secondly, it's a shame that sending little bundles of electronics way out into space is more useful than sending people out into space. perhaps this is related to the first item.

dear france:

a lot of good cheeses come from your country. as i have been eating vegetarian these past few months, i do appreciate a good cheese. i happen to be craving italian cheeses at the moment. still, i figured i'd drop you a line.

1 comment:

SJ said...

Your words were kind and shall be appreciated.

-The French PR

You jerk!

-The Astronauts