Sunday, May 20, 2007

you're just an animal

went to the zoo yesterday, and i was a bit surprised by the fact that they seem to sell a lot of meat in the concession stands, with no real vegetarian options. doesn't that seem a bit wrong? sure, they probably have to sell meat because most people eat meat, and because an institution like a zoo needs to attract the general public's support in order to survive. i suppose if they sold furs it would be a bit worse. still, wouldn't it be nice if they gave a little more thought to selling tasty vegetarian food?

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mj said...

aren't zoos already all about irony, though? like bringing the animals to the people so they can see them might make people more likely to want to preserve these animals and their habitat or it might just make them want to take more animals out of their habitat. or breeding animals in captivity to preserve them is the very thing that makes them unfit to survive in the wild. even the terminology "wild" animals in cages. and just the experience: aren't you simultaneously in awe and pity? to use a favorite word of yours, i always feel conflicted at zoos.