Sunday, April 15, 2007

mid april happenings

there's a somewhat impressive rainstorm going on, has been all day. one of the best things about where i live right now is that whenever there is precipitation of any kind, the sound of dripping water from outside my window is strong enough that i always have some warning of the state of the weather. sometimes there's a bit of rain but it's nearly impossible to hear or see. well, i can always hear it from where i am. i know, i could listen to the radio or something to get the weather in the morning, but i simply have never done that. my computer now has made weather information super easy to find, but the computer is not something i trot out each morning before work. before i leave the house each morning, i do little other than shower. breakfast is exclusively something i eat at work. i've gone further lately, eliminating the morning search for keys and work id by throwing them all in my bag before i go to bed. so turning on a computer and checking the weather just wouldn't fit in. so now, i go off to bed, wishing i had better smelling laundry soap.


seth said...

in order to live up more to the original post's title, here are some more happenings:

i went to see my nephew's blessing

someone asked if i'm the seth who tried to kill his roommate by throwing things off the bunk last night (yes, but that's an unfair description of events. it was a pillow, and i certainly did not *intend* to throw my pillow off the bunk)

i purchased 96 chocolate filled candy eggs

i saw mj's brother for the first time in over a year

my grandfather asked if i had considered getting married and living a normal life. he is not lds, by the way, and i deserved it because i was talking about how i never eat real food any more. man, it's been downhill in stages ever since that rice cooker broke.

i bought a pink music player, and i absolutely love the color

i took pictures of reflections the tv was making on some photos displayed in our hall, in the dark, while my roommate had a girl over. i successfully avoided being questioned about my activities.

SJ said...

you make me laugh :)

abby said...

I attest to the coolness of Seth's pink nano. I was very jealous. I listened to Jennifer O'Connor when I got home on Saturday. She does have a beautiful voice.